Remote Influencing is a branch of Remote Viewing. While Remote Viewers collect information about other people and events, Remote Influencers have the ability to also influence them.

Remote Influencing is the ability to influence another’s thoughts or actions from a distance. It is the ability to mentally influence a remote subject to physically do something.

It is not magic, but a highly disciplined mental exercise that comes with a great deal of practice and training.





My form of Remote Influencing has the following components: directing the divine force, with faith, with intent and strong will, and with all of our being, towards remotely influencing our subject, event or situation. It will only work properly if the intentions are good. To use Remote Influencing with anything other than good intentions goes against what it stands for; besides, we reap what we sow.

Remote Influencing is somebody or something – divine force, able to affect the course of events, or somebody’s thinking or actions. I utilize personal power, and the divine force, to work together with the goal of successfully implementing Remote Influencing to create a positive outcome.

There is vast potential for Remote Influencing and its uses: Healing, improving situations, affecting and influencing behaviour, changing or modifying courses of events, government or military applications. The uses for Remote Influencing are limitless.





Remote Influencing is a powerful system which is evolving and developing over time. Our imagination and the known universe is infinite - so are the potential and possible uses for Remote Influencing. There are several definitions for Remote Influencing. Here is the way I define my RI system:

A powerful system which draws upon the divine, universal powers and the personal powers of the individual, into a combined unit through diligent practise and training. The Remote Influencer can then direct the combined powers with laser like focus, to create a positive effect on a person, event or situation. (The Remote Influencer can also use RI to develop, improve and empower themselves).

Remote Influencing could also be thought of as a change agent. Here is a definition of a change agent:

Somebody or something that brings about, or helps to bring about, change.

Therefore, Remote Influencing and the Remote Influencer, could both be called change agents. It is hard to put a label onto RI.

Here are just some of the benefits for RI:

RI could possibly help a person to enhance their brain plasticity potentials. (When the Remote Influencer practises RI and uses RI to help others, situations, events etc, they will also be developing their brain as a by product of their RI work.)

RI can blend in with other spiritual ideas - such as the Law of Attraction and other self-developments systems.

RI is not an expensive system to learn.

RI is virtually unstoppable and hard to detect. (RI should only be used for ethical purposes.)

If we want to bring positive change and growth to the world, we need to be able to harness the power and the full potential of people. These empowered and developed people can become the beacons of change that we are seeking.

Why have we not seen the likes of Bill Gates types of entrepeneurs, or great inventors in the mold of Edison, Da Vinci, Bell, for quite some time, bestowing their gifts upon the world?

I believe that RI could be used to answer the above question. RI can and will be used for many areas in the coming years and beyond. The attainment of success, results, happiness, improvement, goals, are things which are universally sought after. RI can help in these areas and in countless other ways.





I am currently doing tests with Dr Edwin May. The test basically shows how the human body can predict the future. I did very well in my first test. I was in the top four out of 190 people. Edwin wants me to do more tests to see if I can repeat the success consistently.

Dr May, formerly of SRI and the STARGATE program, is the president of Laboratories for Fundamental Research. LFR does research in areas such as ESP and psychokinesis, telekinesis and mind over matter. They then apply the findings to solve problems in the real world. I admire their mission. I will be doing more experiments with LFR as and when they require me to.

I have used Remote Influencing to heal, to change situations, for legal matters, change peoples wrong opinions etc. There will be many more areas for my Remote Influencing to cover. This is just the beginning. E-mail me, Anand Sule, anand at remoteinfluencer dot com, to set up any RI work you may require.

I have developed my own unique, powerful system of Remote Influencing. From here on, I will refer to this system as RI, rather than repeating my system too often. RI has several powerful methods incorporated into it, including: Archetypes, Visualization, Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations, Telepathy, Psychic healing and more. RI has a structure to it, however,I urge you to learn new methods, ideas and to modify techniques etc. RI is a flexible and fluid system that works with other systems. I do not believe in dogma or in blindly following methods, systems, ideas. I see RI as an evolving system. I also see RI mutating into other forms of RI over time. I have my first book out that deals with RI. This is the first book on the market that covers RI.

The book is titled: The Remote Influencer 2
isbn numbers: 9781434379412 or 1434379418

This book is available through Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble and in other stores. It is also available in countries such as Germany, France, Japan, South Africa, Canada etc. You can Google the title and isbn numbers also if you need to locate the book. Here are the links to the Amazon USA and UK sites for my book:

The Remote Influencer 2 : Amazon USA

The Remote Influencer 2 : Amazon UK





Please visit my blog for further developments and updates etc.


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